Allied Locksmiths of Youngstown
is proud to employ Locksmiths who are members of

The Associated Locksmiths of America


ALOA was incorporated as an association for American Locksmiths in 1955 and is dedicated to locksmith education. It sponsors educational seminars and a product exhibition on a yearly basis and has an ACE program which presents educational seminars in various places during the year. As part of it's mandate it has established a proficiency registration program, (PRP) with different levels of expertise. Those levels are:

RL is the designation for Registered Locksmith. J. Doe, RL, has demonstrated proficiency in the security profession by means other than a written exam. An RL has a good working knowledge of general locksmithing.

CRL is the designation for Certified Registered Locksmith. J. Doe, CRL, has demonstrated proficiency in the security profession by passing 10 mandatory categories of the PRP plus two electives of his choice. He has a good working knowledge of general locksmithing.

CPL stands for Certified Professional Locksmith. J. Doe, CPL, has earned the RL or CRL and has gone on to select and successfully demonstrate proficiency in an additional 12 electives categories. He has advanced knowledge of general locksmithing and of specialized security areas.

CML is the highest level of ALOA's Proficiency Registration Program. Certified Master Locksmith designates an individual who has successfully completed 90 percent of the available testing categories of the Proficiency Registration Program. This locksmith has advanced knowledge of most areas of locksmithing, physical and electronic security.



Codes & Code Equipment
Cylinder Servicing, Pin & Disc Tumbler
Keys, Blank Identification
Keys, Duplication
Keys, Impressioning
Locks, Professional Opening Techniques
Lockset Servicing
Locksets, Functions
Masterkeying, Basic
Locks, Cabinet, Furniture & Mail Box



Domestic Auto
Foreign Auto
Door Closers
Life Safety Codes
Cylinder, High Security
Cylinder Servicing, Special Applications
Cylinder, Tubular
Basic Electricity
Exit Hardware & Alarms
Locks, Keyless Mechanical
Locks, Lever Tumbler/Non-Safe Deposit
Locks, Motorcycle
Locks, Safe Combination Type
Locks, Time
Lockset Installation
Masterkeying, Advanced
Safes, Installation
Safes, Opening & Servicing
Interchangeable Core, Best Style
Interchangeable Core, other than Best Style
Electro-Mechanical Access Control
Door Hardware, related Alarms
Locks Detection


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